Honey-Maple seeds Boilie

Honey-Maple seeds Boilie

I posted a new recipe a long time ago, but putting together a new boilie and then testing the finished boilie is a lot of work. You can't throw the ingredients together at random, then add a few eggs and the boiler is ready. If we don't know exactly why each ingredient is included, it's just a ball of dough that either works or it doesn't.
One of the main ingredients of these recipes is a very exciting ingredient, maple seeds meal. In addition to its high sugar 
content, due to its outstanding protein content among vegetable meals, it is a great delicacy for carp and grasscarp. 
A frequently asked question is what boilie I recommend for grasscarp fishing. The answer to this is simple, nothing really. 
Various seeds, especially fermented ones, are more suitable for carp fishing. If I had to recommend a boilie for catching 
grasscarp, this would be it.
This already shows that this boilie is a real summer delicacy for carp and grasscarp.
Perhaps the reason this bait produced outstanding results is because few people use maple seeds as a raw material for boilies, 
so there is no negative experience associated with it, for the fish.
Don't forget!
Let the indicator sound loudly, the rod bend properly, and most importantly, your own boilie on the hook!
You can find all the ingredients needed for the boilie at www.baitmarket.eu.

Dry ingredients:

    200g Maple seeds meal
    100 g Witte molen (yellow softfood)
    100g Corn gluten
    150g Fullfat soymeal
    100g Brewer's yeast
    100g Milk powder
    100g Poultry protein concentrate
    50g carob meal
    50g of blood plasma
    50 g Egg albumin

Liquid ingredients:

    50ml Corn germ liqueur
    20ml Honey or maple syrup
     20ml Tigernut extract
    20ml Corn germ oil
    5ml Maple aroma
    5 ml Scopex aroma
    2-3 ml Butyric acid
    7-8 eggs

István Mészáros

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