Caffeine powder

Crystalline-looking, 100% concentrated caffeine powder.

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106,38 137,20  /kg

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NOT SUITABLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!!! Crystalline-looking, 100% concentrated caffeine powder. Caffeine as a stimulant compound is considered new in fishing, although products containing cocoa and coffee have long been on the market.

Caffeine, which is found naturally in some plants (cocoa beans, coffee), is a compound that is well perceived by fish. Cocoa powder, ground coffee has been used in baits so far, and different chocolate variations are common. If you want to make an attractive bait for fish, always keep in mind that fish primarily detect water-soluble compounds in the food, so a well-functioning bait must contain ingredients rich in continuously soluble components (amino acids, phenols, Etc.). It is also true for caffeine that its dosage should not be overstated; an amount of around 1% is sufficient.

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