Boilie base mix (spicy)

Spicy boilie base mix manufactured for those who does not want to bother with collecting all the ingredients needed for making an effective boilie.

Boilie base mix (fish)

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Boili base mixes contain a complex form and appropriate ratio of the components that are necessary for a basic boilie recipe. These boilie mixes can be enriched by adding further ingredients but the character of the mix must be considered. They take up around 7-10 eggs / kg.

The spicy boilie base mix equally contains protein meals of vegetable and animal origin. It is characterised by a hot and spicy chilli pepper powder that is an intense stimulant and means an irresistable appeal to fish. Its efficacy can be enhanced by adding some other spicy ingredients.

Aromas that are matching best with it:

  • – Garlic
  • – Sausage
  • – Octopus
  • – Squid
  • – Trigarol liver powder
  • – Cuxarom Spice

Recommended additives to include:

  • – Robin Red liquid
  • – Robin Red powder
  • – Betaine

Recommended oils (15-40 ml/kg crude matter):

  • – Chilli oil
  • – Black pepper oil
  • – Refined fish oil
  • – Hemp oil
  • – Corn germ oil
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