Carp grower pellet

Extruded carp feed developed to suit the nutritional requirements of fish kept in aquacultures. It contains all the proteins, minerals, vitamin and amino acid supplements that intensively farmed carps need.

Carp grower pellet base mix

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Majority of the stocks of fishing ponds come from the aquaculture industry. Those fish are familiar with cereals and pelleted or extruded feeds optimized to reach maximal weight gain. This grower feed is an extruded product with a balanced combination of nutrients that suit the requirements of carps of different age. It contains the essential proteins, ingredients of vegetable and animal origin, vitamins, mineral supplements and energy that make it an easily digestible feed to carps. Its advantage is that fish that have been grown on pelleted feed easily recognize it, thus it can perform well on waters of high fishing pressure.
Its dissolution is approx. 1.5 hours.

  Protein 30%
  Fat 3,3%
  Fiber 2,1%
  Calcium 041%
  Phosphorus 0,65%
  Vitamin A 7.000 NE
  Vitamin D3 560 NE
  Vitamin E 35 mg/kg
Weight N/A

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