Tigernuts pellets

Tigernuts pellets is a slowly dissolving, sinking pellet made entirely from tigernuts that provides the same sweety aroma and nutrients that whole tigernuts do.

Tigernuts (8-10 mm)
Black XXL tigernuts (20-25 mm)
Tigernuts meal
Tigernuts extract
Large tigernuts (10-13 mm)

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This pellet is manufactured from whole tigernut seeds and provides the same nutritive value and distinctive aroma that whole tigernuts are famous for. Tigernuts pellet is an easily digestible feed for carps. It is breaking down slowly in water, the total dissolution takes about 40-120 minutes. While dissolving, the pellets create an attractive cloud and a blanket of small tigernut particles. It can be used for baiting alone or combined with particle baits. PVA friendly.

  Protein 13,16%
  Fiber 6,50%
  Fat (oil) 8,90%
  Sodium 0,24%
Weight N/A

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