Egg albumen powder

It is a spray-dried egg white (eggalbumin) powder.

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It is a spray-dried egg white (eggalbumin) powder.

This powdered product was obtained by spray-drying chicken egg white. 1 kg of eggalbumin powder contains about 250 pieces of egg white. It can be diluted by adding eight times the weight of water. Due to its low molecular weight (approx. 40,000 Daltons), this powder is characterized by a homogeneous, very small particle size, good digestibility, and utilization.

This product is hygroscopic; therefore, it should be stored in a sealed package, protected from moisture, but it can be used very well as a binder in boilies and groundbaits.

It retains its quality in sealed packaging for 24 months from production.

Its content parameters are as follows:

  protein 83%
  carbohydrate 6%
  solubility min. 90%
  moisture max. 8%
Weight N/A

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