NT70 Protein meal

Due to its high protein content of at least 68%, it is a valuable raw material, with a characteristic smell somewhat reminiscent of fishmeal.

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During the industrial production of threonine, one of the steps in the manufacturing process is the fermentation of the plant-derived components that serve as raw materials. During fermentation, the \”work\” is done by microorganisms – in this case bacteria – which provide the energy necessary for their life by breaking down carbohydrates. Due to the volume of industrial production, these microorganisms are also produced in large quantities, and at the end of the production cycle, they also provide valuable raw material for other uses, mostly in the feed industry, as a by-product.

NT70 protein concentrate is also produced in this way, by drying the bacterial biomass. Due to its high protein and significant mineral content, it is also one of the ingredients of our feed pellets! Its content parameters are as follows:

protein 68-70%
fat 4%
moisture 7,1%
  lizin 3,06%
  metionin 1,36%
  treonin 12,06%
  tryptophan 0,91%
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