Tigernuts (8-10 mm)

Normal-sized, assorted tiger nut grains for carp and grass carp fishing. The tuber, rich in natural sugars, is a popular delicacy for carp.

Black XXL tigernuts (20-25 mm)
Tigernuts meal
Large tigernuts (10-13 mm)
Tigernuts extract
Tigernuts pellets (8 mm)

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The tiger nut, Latin called Cyperus Esculentus, is a cultivated crop in parts of North Africa and the Mediterranean regions of Europe. It was originally used by the food industry, but due to its many beneficial properties, it was soon discovered by anglers as well. The tubers contain high percentage of sugars, so they are characterized by a pleasant, sweet taste. Its use is similar to maple seeds: it is used after soaking and cooking, taking care of the right texture. Bream and other smaller fish cannot cope with the hard seeds for them, but carp and grass carp will love to eat them.

  fat (vegetable oil) 23,56%
  sugar 21,23%
  protein 4,15%
  whole dietary fiber 24,13%
  potassium 7,1 g/kg
  phosphor 2,56 g/kg
  magnesium 1,07 g/kg
  energy content 4000 Kcal/kg
Weight N/A

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