Maggot-sweet corn-lemongrass boilie

The following recipe, inspired by those two baits that every angler has tried before. Maggot and sweet corn. Another interesting thing about the boilie is that the usual liquid part is almost not needed. After all, it is not necessary due to the moisture content of the added raw materials. It does not contain any aroma, yet it tastes and smells very good.
Lemongrass appears as a delicate backdrop with the sweet taste of sweet corn.
While it’s true that lot of bravery needed for tasting it because of the added maggot.

140g 7 seeds mix finely ground
140g Corn germ pellets flour
300g Sweet corn
100g Maggot
50g Brewer’s yeast
40g Blood plasma
20g Eggalbumin powder
100g Whole egg powder
80g is a blend of 75% Pollac and 25% Polmass Milk Orange
15g Glucose
15g Negro seeds
25ml Corn germ oil

I blended the maggots, sweet corn, chopped freshly picked 20-25g lemongrass and 150ml water. Then I added the oil. That became the liquid part. To this I added the other ingredients. To preserve the boilie, I used Extender boilie preservative mixed with the liquid ingredients in a ratio of 1kg / 10g. I cooked half of the prepared boilies, I just dried the other half. Thus, it remained soluble.
I have already tried this autumn cooling water twice and gave the fish nicely. I think it’s worth experimenting with in wild water.
You can buy the ingredients on the page.

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