Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



Owner of baitmarket.eu webshop: Baitmarket.eu Ltd., HUNGARY
Headquarters: 7391 Kishajmás, Petőfi Sándor utca 41.
Location: 7391 Kishajmás, Petőfi Sándor utca 41.
Represented by: Mr. Gábor Kemeny managing director
Mobile: +36 30  6500 725    (Gábor Kemeny)
E-mail: info@baitmarket.eu
WEB: www.baitmarket.eu
IBAN bank account number: HU58-12072514-01560177-00200001
EU tax number: HU24098230
Company reg. number: 02-09-079308
Retail reg. number: 3/3013.
Food Chain Safety Office reg. number: HU 01 2 00026
GDPR reg. number: NAIH-66216/2013.



Our webshop sells fishing baits and their raw materials. The images displayed on the website are illustrations and may differ from reality.

Our products can be purchased through our web store or in person at our company’s premises. Prices shown are gross prices, including 27% VAT. In case of home delivery, we will charge a delivery fee in addition to the indicated prices, in accordance with point 7 of this information.



Acceptance of these Terms of Purchase and Delivery by the Customer is a prerequisite for using the webshop service. It is considered acceptance of the terms and conditions if the Customer registers.

The Supplier shall not be liable in any form for incorrect performance resulting from incorrect data provided by the Customer. The name, address, telephone and e-mail fields as well as the billing and delivery details must always be filled in, without which the system will not be able to accept the order. Supplier will store the personal information provided during registration with an email address and password for later identification. You can access and change your information at any time by entering your IDs. The data on the issued invoice cannot be changed afterwards.

Supplier reserves the right to modify the Terms of Purchase and Delivery in whole or in part at any time. The Terms of Purchase and Delivery and any amendments thereto shall enter into force upon publication. The Terms of Purchase and Delivery remain in effect as long as the web store service provider provides the web store service.



Both registered and unregistered users can buy in the baitmarket.eu webshop. Registration and related information is voluntary.

The accuracy of the data can be checked and modified at any time before approval.

The password required for the first login is chosen by the Customer. This password can be changed at any time after logging in under ‘Change Data’.

Baitmarket.eu stores, archives and handles the provided data confidentially, does not disclose it to third parties on the basis of the existing legal relationship, and stores it securely on its servers.

During the registration required for the use of the service, the Supplier records the following data about the Customer: the Customer’s username, password (one-way coded) and electronic mail address, name, address, contact telephone number. In order to deliver the ordered goods, the Supplier shall provide the following data to the supplier or the supplier’s agent: order time, recipient’s name (from delivery address), company name (from delivery address), full delivery address, order amount, order number, customer’s telephone number and other contact information.

The Customer may change or delete the personal data provided at any time in the user interface of the web store. Exceptions to this are the deletion of the following data: Unique ID, e-mail address, password, name. An exception to this is the modification of the following data: unique identifier.

You can find more information about our data management principles and the legal background governing them in our Data Management Information.

The Customer can request the cancellation of the registration at the e-mail address info@baitmarket.eu or at the telephone number of the customer service.



No registration is required to browse the baitmarket.eu webshop, view textual content or products and add them to your cart.

The prices published in the baitmarket.eu webshop next to the product are netto prices, which exclude VAT. Prices are per piece of product.

To purchase the products, the Customer can log in to the store with his username and password, the products collected in his basket without logging in are automatically added to the basket by the store system when logging in.

The detailed contents of your cart and its current value are displayed. Any product you put in your cart will remain there until you delete it from it or order it. You can check, modify or order the contents of your cart at any time.

After checking the contents of your cart, click on the ‘Order’ button to order. Additional information required for ordering:

  • Billing name
  • Billing adress,
  • EU Tax number: If you fill in this heading with your valid EU Tax number, you can buy products without paying VAT, otherwise the prices are shown will be increased with 27% VAT! Only valid EU Tax number will be accepted!
  • Name of the contact person related to invoicing, if not the same as the Customer,
  • Shipping address if different from billing address
  • Phone number of customer

If you have previously made a purchase on baitmarket.eu, your personal details will automatically appear on the invoicing and shipping form. The system automatically adds the shipping cost to the order amount. You can check this in the Cart data after selecting the payment method and the receipt method. To continue, click on the “Order” button.

In all cases, the customer will receive a confirmation of the order from the baitmarket.eu webshop by e-mail.

The customer is obliged to pay the value of the ordered goods increased by the transport cost in one of the following ways:


  • In advance, we will start delivering the ordered product after the full purchase price has been received on our invoice.
  • By credit card payment, the exact course of which is regulated in point 6 below.
  • By PayPal
  • Cash purchases are available at our site, 4191 Kishajmás, Petőfi Sándor utca, between 8:00 and 15:15 on weekdays.

In all cases, the Customer will receive an itemized invoice for the purchased product (s).

3% of the gross price of the purchased products is credited to the Customer’s virtual account, this balance can be used for any subsequent purchases and deducted from the purchase price. The amount of the deduction may not exceed 30% of the gross purchase price of the product (s) to be purchased. The balance not used at the time of purchase is non-transferable and will be automatically canceled after 1 year from the last purchase. If a bonus point is used during the purchase to pay for the purchase, then 3% of the value of this purchase will not be credited as a bonus point, so when redeeming the bonus point, no new bonus points can be collected only for purchases where no bonus points are redeemed!


Press the Order Overview button, here you can once again check if everything is OK with your order. Then, by clicking the accept order button, the payment process will begin, which you can confirm by clicking the Payment button. This will take you to the OTP bank portal.

Payment is made on the OTP Bank portal, where you can pay with your bank card via a secure, encrypted transaction.

Bank cards issued exclusively for electronic use can only be accepted if their use is authorized by the bank issuing the card! Please check with your bank to see if your card can be used for online purchases.

On the bank’s right side, you can see which types of credit cards you accept (Visa Classic, Visa Electron, Eurocard / Mastercard, Maestro, American Express).

For the credit card number section, please enter the number line on the first page of your credit card. For the expiration date, please indicate how long your credit card is valid, this can also be found on the first page. After entering the 3-digit verification code on the back of the card, you can decide whether to request verification of the digital signature.

Following a successful transaction, OTP Bank will issue an authorization number for the transaction, which is worth noting or printing. In case of an unsuccessful transaction, OTP Bank indicates the cause of the error in an error message.

After payment, please return to baitmarket.eu.

The webshop system of Baitmarket.eu Kft. Does not access and store the data of your bank card. The cost of a payment transaction to the web store is not borne by the payer’s cardholder.


We deliver the ordered goods to your home almost everywhere in Europe.
Shipping costs are shown below exclude VAT!

If you place an order with over 84 kgs brutto weight then our webshop doesn’t charge any shipping cost. In this case wait for our individual shipping cost offer please. It is advised to choose banktransfer as paying method and pay only after getting our electronic proforma or final invoice.


Parcel weights: 1. zone 2. zone 3. zone 4. zone
0-9 kg 15,75 20,47 28,35 41,73
9,1-18 kg 16,54 22,05 30,71 46,46
18,1-28 kg 18,90 24,41 33,86 52,76
28,1-56 kg 37,80 48,82 67,72 105,51
56,1-84 kg 59,69 73,23 101,57 158,27
Shipping zones:
Zone 1. Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany
Zone 2. Croatia, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands,  Slovenia
Zone 3. Danemark, Bulgaria, French, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Luxemburg, Italy, Lithuania, Ireland
Zone 4. Spain, Finland, Portugal


The shipping cost is automatically added to the order amount, which will be indicated when the order is placed.

If the order is received by 12 noon on working days and the product is in stock, the completed package will be delivered to the courier the next working day. In case of non-working day orders and orders received later than 12 hours, the package will be delivered to the courier on the second working day. If the fulfillment of the order is hindered for any reason, baitmarket.eu will contact the Customer immediately by e-mail for further consultation. The product is delivered to your home by DPD, GLS, TNT or another supplier.

Delivery takes place on working days between 8 am and 5 pm, so please provide daytime contact information as a delivery address!

If the parcel delivery company is unable to complete the delivery of the goods, it will leave a notice of the package and will try to deliver again at a new, agreed time. If the goods cannot be delivered a second time, the goods will be returned to Baitmarket.eu Kft.

The customer is obliged to check the package item by item at the time of delivery and to sign the receipt in case of complete performance. After this, we will not be able to accept complaints about deficiencies.

If, after opening, the product is found to be damaged in the presence of a courier and the damage occurred before the receipt of the goods, we provide an 8-day replacement period for the product. In this case, the buyer can prove the damage with a report recorded by the courier.

In the event of a possible delivery delay or a complete failure of the order, the Supplier shall not be liable for damages.



The customer is entitled to cancel the purchase after the order, but within 24 hours before delivery. You must indicate this intention by e-mail to info@baitmarket.eu.

The Customer has the right to return the ordered product to baitmarket.eu in its original packaging for 14 days (calendar day!). The 14-day (calendar day!) Period open for cancellation starts from the day when the Customer received the package. The costs of return are borne by the Customer. The Customer is obliged to indicate his / her cancellation request in writing by e-mail to info@baitmarket.eu. Baitmarket.eu is obliged to return the consideration for the goods to the Customer within 30 days of receipt of the package. The refund does not apply to the cost of returning the product, which must be borne by the Customer, but covers cash on delivery and postage.

If the returned goods are found to be damaged and this damage is due to improper use, baitmarket.eu may demand compensation from the Customer for the depreciation caused in the product.



The Supplier warrants that the Product delivered by it or its subcontractors within the framework of the Terms of Purchase and Delivery has the characteristics specified in the contract. The Supplier shall also be liable for any defects resulting from the non-fulfillment of this information obligation. The Supplier is responsible for remedying its warranty and guarantee obligations specified in the warranty conditions without delay at its own expense.

The Supplier also warrants that the Product supplied by it or its subcontractors is suitable for the intended use and is free from all manufacturing, design, development (construction) material and construction defects resulting from the Supplier’s act or omission.


Purchasing through the baitmarket.eu web store presupposes the Customer’s knowledge and acceptance of the possibilities and limitations of the Internet. The user or the Customer acknowledges that he / she must assess the possible risks related to browsing and purchasing himself / herself, and he / she must ensure the safe use of his / her computer and the protection of the data stored on it.

Baitmarket.eu shall not be liable for damages resulting from force majeure or other events beyond its control, including, but not limited to,

  • use or malfunction of the website,
  • changing the data by anyone,
  • due to delays in the transmission of information,
  • caused by viruses
  • due to a software error, Internet network error, other technical error,
  • due to a line or system failure
  • for damages resulting from incorrect information from the supplier.

We wish you a pleasant shopping!